I’ve bought a new Patina VW Bus, after five years without a VW Bus in my life. I have purchased this original paint 1971 Bus from Colorado. It will, all being well, be on the road for the 2019 VW show season.

Although I’d love another Patina VW Split Bus, like my last ’63 Mouse Grey Walkthru, budget was an issue. This Bay was picked up complete with an engine for a low price. It will need the mechanics going through, a few small repairs and some paint buffing and blending. A narrowed link pin (split bus) front beam is also on the cards, as are drop spindles and Porsche front brakes.

The Author's newest purchase; a 1971 Sierra Yellow Original Paint Bay Window Bus

As I type this, the bus still hasn’t left Colorado. Hopefully, it will soon be winging its way to Houston, where it will go in a container to cross the Atlantic. We’re looking forward to getting to grips with it and getting it back on the road.

The Author's newest purchase; a 1971 Sierra Yellow Original Paint Bay Window Bus

I must admit, I’m not a fan of the look of the late steel wheels on the ‘crossover’ type buses. I just don’t think they look right. I’ll, therefore, be swapping these for something with Porsche 5x130mm bolt pattern. Think detailed Fuchs or Cosmic wheels. This is one vision for the bus, although I’ll be going for a more usable height and it will likely have a 2″ narrowed beam:

1971 Slammed Patina VW Bus Sierra Yellow

I will be going on the road selling signed copies of the book next year. I, therefore, decided that I needed a Patina VW that I could sleep in. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’m thinking about some temporary logos for the bus, which will be the Patina VW Bus – selling copies of Patina Volkswagens book and merchandise.

Make sure you sign up for updates to see the project unfold. I will be posting regular project updates when work begins – hopefully soon!


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