Patina Volkswagens Book

Hello and welcome to the new Patina VW website. I created the website to provide information about and offer signed copies of my Patina Volkswagens book. Veloce is publishing the book in early 2019. I will also be making Patina VW merchandise available. Please sign up above for updates, so you’ll be the first to know when it arrives.

Patina Volkswagens Book Cover
The final book cover features Fabien Becasse’s Pressed Bumper Panel Bus.

Whirlwind Adventure

I have been on a truly whirlwind adventure putting the book together in time for the deadline in early August. I’ve in several of the key European VW shows and been offered an expenses paid trip out to Kustom Coach Werks in Colorado. I also got to meet Drew Pritchard from Discovery Channel show Salvage Hunters. His ’52 Ragtop Beetle is in the book.

Patina VW Website Logo
Our new logo; designed by Steve Parsons at

Restored Vs Original

I’ve never owned a fully restored car, despite owning over 100 air-cooled Volkswagens. Patina now seems to be embraced by the world; people understand its value. “It’s only original once” seems to be understood in all things now, from valuable antiques to classic vehicles. I love to see cars being preserved that once would have had all their character wiped out by being over-restored.

Mark Walker's Mouse Grey Patina VW Split Screen Bus
Mark Walker’s old Mouse Grey Patina VW Split Screen Bus

The Patina Volkswagens book project was something that I had in mind for many years. I first began actively building Patina cars back in 2003. In 2014, I began putting together the Patina Volkswagens book proposal. However, I was undergoing some big life changes and it took until 2018 to finish the proposal and find a publisher.

I initially emailed 2 publishers and within 48 hours I had a publishing deal on the table. In hindsight, I’m glad it took me four years to complete the proposal. Several different TV programs have now brought Patina into public knowledge. The world is now ready for this book!

I plan to visit as many VW shows in Europe and the USA next year as I can. I’m therefore hoping to bring along signed copies to sell and to meet as many like-minded people as possible.


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